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Retirement Community Manufactured Home Lot

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For Sale By Owner Arizona Retirement Community

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Rare Cancer Support
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this property will help support the Rare Cancer Organization.

Q: Can you tell me where this park is?
A: Pueblo Estates is at the North end of Green Valley Arizona, about 25 miles south of Tucson, in a very conventient location. There is a link on the first page of the website to --> This Google Map.
You can zoom out by clicking on the minus button on the scale to the left of the map. The property is about 25 miles south of Tucson.

Q: Do you have detailed info about this property?
A: If you look through the links of the website, you will find a wealth of detailed info about the lot and the park itself. The links are accessible easily by clicking on the "EZ To Read Menu" link on the left of this page.

Are RV's allowed to occupy the lots?
A: Sorry, no. I don't know of any community lots in this area, that you can own, that do allow RV's. But, Residents can store their RV's here for free. Here are the requirements for a manufactured home on this lot --> Click Here.

Q: Are there any zoning requirements for the installation of a new mobile home?
A: Zoning is enforced by the Pima County Development Services, --> Code Enforcement department.  Building permits will be necessary for the installation of a new manufactured home.  Most of the mobile home sales places within the surrounding areas have installers who are very familiar with these requirements, but you may want to look at the --> Building Permit section of the PCDS website, also. 

Q: Does the Homeowners Association also have requirements for the installation of a new manufactured home?
A: Yes.  Please read this website's page on the requirements as set by the --> New Home Requirements of the Pueblo Estates Homeowner's Association. Our Architectural Committee Chairman will be happy to spend time with any prospective buyer to go through these details.

Q: Are their 'rules' for this Homeowner's Association?
A: Yes.  The rules have been put in place to help protect the owners' property values and to describe the guidelines of the 'in common' areas use and HOA fees.  Since the HOA is a not for profit organization, there are HOA ByLaws and Operating Rules.  There are also homeowner Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  If you are interested in purchasing this property, I will make sure that you are supplied with a recent copy all three of these packets by the HOA secretary.  

Q: What company supplies the water, electric, sewer, telephone, and cable in this area?
A: The water company is a local customer owned cooperative, --> Community Water Co..  Electric service is supplied by --> Tucson Electric Power. Sewer services are supplied by --> Tucson Water and it is prorated based on water usage.  Local telephone service and/or internet service may be contracted through --> Qwest or --> Cox Cable

Q: Could you tell me about the local fire, ambulance, and police coverage?
A: The area is covered by the --> Green Valley Fire District, --> Southwest Ambulance services, and the --> Pima County Sheriff.  The Department's Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers also perform a number of important services vital to the overall mission of the Sheriff’s Department, such as video identification and home security inspections.

Q: I heard that Green Valley AZ is an 'unincorporated town.  What does this mean?
A: There are many areas in Arizona that are unincorporated.  They are areas that do not have any formally organized municipal government, but rather are within the political jurisdiction of other municipalities. We are within the confines of Pima county, and most of our services come from that entity.  Therefore, we pay Pima county property taxes.  But, the general everyday business for Green Valley is overseen by the --> Green Valley Community Coordinating Council.  Their website has a great deal of general information about Green Valley AZ.