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Retirement Community Manufactured Home Lot

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For Sale By Owner Arizona Retirement Community

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Rare Cancer Support
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this property will help support the Rare Cancer Organization.

Community Activity Clubs
Right within your own Homeowners community (Pueblo Estates), there are many clubs, activities, and organizations to join. Check with the Pueblo Estates Secretary for a list of these clubs. Within the community of Green Valley Arizona, there are many more. I have listed some of these below. There is no reason to get bored in this great Southern Arizona Retirement Community!

Homeowner's Clubs
  Events   Clubs & Organizations  
  5 & 10K Races   Animal League  
  AA & AlAnon Meetings   Astrology - Whipple Observatory  
  Annual Art & Craft Shows   Auto & Motorcycle  
  Bible Studies - Weekly   Biking  
  Bike Races & Outings   Business Men's & Women's Organizations  
  Bowling Leagues - Weekly   Camera  
  Business Expos   Cancer Support Groups  
  Car Shows   Church Clubs & Organizations  
  Casino Gambling   Collectables - Various  
  Casino Shows & Entertainment   Community Assistance Organizations  
  Concerts & Musical Events   Computer  
  Breakfast & Dinner Special Events   Crafts - Various  
  Educational Lectures   Fraternal Organizations  
  Elk's Weekly Club Events   Gardening  
  Exercise & Fitness   Habitat For Humanity  
  Free Movie Events   Home State Clubs  
  Gem & Mineral Show -Tucson   Hospice Volunteers  
  Golf Tournaments   Investment Clubs  
  Group Travel Events   Library  
  High School Sports Games   Lions & Rotary  
  Hiking Events   Meals on Wheels Volunteers  
  Home Tours   Military Organizations & DAR  
  Library Events - Daily   Ostomy Support  
  Overeaters Anonymous Meetings   Parkinson's Support  
  Prayer Groups - Weekly   Performing Arts & Arts  
  Rodeo - Tucson   Political Groups  
  Senior Games   Radio Control  
  Shuffleboard Tournament   RailRoad - Table Top  
  Tubac Art Shows & Events   Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers  
  Veterans Day Parade   Social Clubs - Mens, Womens  
  Weekly Flea Markets   ToastMasters  
  White Elephant Parade   Weight Support  
  Workshops - Various   Welcome Organization