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Retirement Community Manufactured Home Lot

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For Sale By Owner Arizona Retirement Community

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For Sale By Owner

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Rare Cancer Support
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this property will help support the Rare Cancer Organization.

Nearby Stores, Businesses, & Restaurants
This senior citizen community lot for sale is located in an ideal place. Remember, this is a golf cart friendly town. You can drive your cart to:

  Within 1 mile:   Within 3 miles:  
  Ace Hardware    Ace Hardware
  Auto Dealer   Banks  
  Auto Parts   Beauty Salons  
  Banks   Books, Cards, & Gifts  
  Barber Shops   Bus Service - SunTrans  
  Beauty Supply - Sally's   Cleaners  
  Big Lots   Convenience Store  
  Bike Shop   Copy & Printing  
  Bus Service - SunTrans   Clothing - Consignment  
  Butcher Shop - Olde Time   Crafts & Hobbies  
  Convenience Store   Dentists, Doctors, Animal Vets, & Wellness  
  Clothing - Consignment   Department of Motor Vehicles  
  Clothing - New   Family Dollar Store  
  Dentists, Doctors, Chiropracters, Massage, Animal Vets   Fire Department  
  99 Dollar Store   Fitness Center  
  Electrical Fixture Supply   Gas Station  
  Fast Food - Arby's, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr.   Hotel / Motel  
  Fitness Centers   Laundramat  
  Gas Stations   Library  
  Goodwill   Nail Salon  
  Hotel / Motel   Restaurants - Various Cuisines  
  Joanne Fabrics   Sears  
  Mattress Supplier   Sheriff & County Offices  
  Movie Theater   Walgreens  
  Nail Salon   White Elephant  
  Pizza   ..... and much more ......  
  Pool Supply      
  Post Offices      
  Radio Shack      
  Restaurants - Various Cuisines      
  Safeway Supermarkets      
  WalMart Super Center      
  Watch Repair      
  ..... and much more ......