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Retirement Community Manufactured Home Lot

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For Sale By Owner Arizona Retirement Community

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Rare Cancer Support
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this property will help support the Rare Cancer Organization.

HOA CC&R's For New Home Installs
The CC&R's of the community dictate the following rules for installation of new manufactured (mobile) homes:
  • County permits and preapproval by Architectural submitted BEFORE installation.
  • The unit must be brand new (no repos, no used manufactured homes)
  • The home must have an interior space of 1152 sq ft minimum.
  • The unit must be not less than 24 ft in width.
  • The front of the home must face the street and there must be, at least, one window street-side.
  • All structures, including overhangs, have mandatory 'setbacks' from the property lines.
  • 17 ft from inside curb edge for front setback.
  • 10 ft for patio-side setback.
  • 8 ft for carport-side setback.
  • 8 ft from center of easement for rear setback.
  • A 4' deep pit must be dug to place the home over it, for access to the underneath.
  • The house can be set no higher than 13" above the ground level.
  • Each home can harbor no more than 2 pets, in total, of any species.